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All our packaging is Recyclable, biodegradable and re-useable. See the below information and how to dispose of our packaging and where it comes from.

Card Board Box

100% Recyclable - Made from Recycled material, Vegan friendly Ink.

How to? - Simply fold up and place into your recycling bin.

Box / Sealing Tape

100%  Recyclable - Made using vegan friendly glue.

How to? - Simply leave on your box and recycle along with the box.

Protective Shredded Paper Packaging

100% Recyclable - Made from waste recycled material.

How to? - Separate from the box and place into your recycling bin.

Custom Gift Note / Leaflet

100% Recyclable - Made from recyclable material.

How to? - Simply place into your recycling bin.

Biodegradable Sweet Bag

100% Biodegradable

How to? - Simply place into your general waste or compost bin.

Wrapping Paper

100% Recyclable - Made from recycled material.

How to? - Simply place into your recycling bin.

Glass Jar & Lid

100% Recyclable or Re-useable

How to? - Please rinse clean and dry, then place into your recycling bin. 

Alternatively you can re-use this jar for anything you might need storing.

Mega Box Bags

100% Compostable & Recyclable

How to? - Simply place into your compost bin or recycling bin. 

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