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Hey friend, If at any time you feel you would like further information on a product please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to advise. We're a small family run business so we always appreciate any feed back or useful information which you have regarding our products. Please feel free to contact us at any time. 

  • How long does it take to post my item?
    Orders take between 1-3 working days to be fulfilled. Sometimes orders may be fulfilled on the same day you placed your order but this is not guaranteed. We aim to dispatch all orders within 1 working day of placing the order but times vary. Please note we are closed on Bank Holidays and weekends. Orders are only fulfilled Monday - Friday on working days. Often during slower out of season periods we dispatch orders Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays only. During summer months and hot weather orders may be delayed from being dispatched due to hot weather which may affect the quality of our products. Shipping times vary and we make no guarantees on stated delivery times. We use third party couriers and so please note we have no control over your package once dispatched from our premises.
  • Do you offer wholesale?
    Yes, please contact us via State subject as "Wholesale" and provide some contact and business info alongside what products you're looking for. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Can I return my item?
    All our products are classed as perishable goods and so we cannot accept returns or refunds. If you are able to cancel prior to us posting your product out then we will be happy to issue you with refund in this case. If your item arrives damaged or incorrect please contact us by emailing us at and attaching some pictures of your broken / damaged or incorrect product.
  • I received the wrong product?
    We may dispatch alternative products if your chosen product is out of stock. We will only do this is we have a similar flavoured product to replace it with.
  • My product arrived damaged, what do I do?
    If your product has arrived damaged please contact us via our email and attach some pictures of your damaged or broken item. We will then happily send out a replacement straight away. If the boxing which the item comes in is slightly damaged this is because the packaging is for protective purposes to ensure the item inside does not get damages itself. In this case we may not repalce the product IF the inside item is not damaged and only the protective outside packaging is damaged. Contact us via
  • How do store points work?
    Create an account on our website and automatically store points from each order. When ready to use your points click on the bottom left icon on our website or your phone and choose how many points you want to spend. This will generate a discount code for you to apply at checkout.
  • How do your product subscriptions work?
    You can now subscribe to receive our sweet bags on a weekly or monthly basis. Simple select the subscription option you want on the item and then click subscribe. You will automatically be taken to a checkout page where you can checkout and make payment. So simple! ​ Please note you can only checkout with 1 subscription at a time. If you want to purchase multiple items of the same subscription simply increase the quantity. If you want to purchase 2 different subscriptions you will need to checkout twice. ​ Based on the subscription you chose your payment will be made at the exact time of ordering each month / week and your order sent on through to us! Subscription orders take the same length of time as normal orders to fulfil and ship. Once subscribed you can cancel at any time. Simply contact us to cancel via the below email or cancel your direct debit. ​ If you want to change your subscription, you will need to cancel your original subscription and purchase a new one. Please note to cancel your subscription you will need to contact our customer service team via
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    Simply email us and we'll be happy to cancel your subscription for you. You can cancel at any time! Email us at Subject: Subscription
  • What is the difference between the mixes?
    Multimix - Contains a variety of gummy and fizzy sweets. Fizzy Mix - Contains just fizzy and sour sweets. Gummy Mix - Contains just gummy sweets. Palm Oil Free Mix - Contains all palm oil free sweets. This varies for the gummy and fizzy palm oil free mix. Sour Mix - Contains a varity of just sour sweets. Bubs Multi Mix - Contains a range of fizzy, gummy and Liquorice Bubs. Bubs Fizzy Mix - Contains only Bubs Fizzy sweets. Bubs Gummy MIx - Contains only Bubs Gummy sweets. Liquorice Mix - Contains a range of Liquorice sweets. All sweets are subject to stock availability. This list is subject to change.
  • Christmas Postage
    We advise customers to order at least 2-3 days before Christmas for UPS delivery and at least 5 days before Christmas for Royal Mail delivery. Times for delivery will vary due to demand and we cannot be held responsible for delayed packages outside of our control. All orders have a 1-3 working day fulfilment time plus shipping time.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    At this time we do not shipping internationally.
  • Is our packaing Reyclable? How do I dispose of it correctly?
    All our products are recyclable or biodegradable. Some of the branded products which we sell may or may not be recyclable or biodegradable. Please view the individual products for information on that specific product. For further information you can visit our packaging promise page on our website. For our biodegradable packaging you can either put it into your compost bin or dispose of by general waste. The packaging takes between 6-12 months to fully biodegrade in the correct conditions. Our compostable packaging can be industrially composted or placed into your compost bin. Otherwise dispose of into your normal waste bin. This product will breakdown in the correct conditions. All other packaging such as glass jars or shipping packaging can be fully recycled through your local recycling centre.
  • How can I Customise my packaging?
    Currently you're able to customise your packaging by including a custom note for your friend, family member or yourself. Simply type a personal message into the box on the product page. If you do not want a gift card, leave it blank. If you are wanting to order for a special event (wedding, friends party etc) or are a coroperate client looking to order a larger quantity please get in touch and discuss packaging options. We are happy to work and tailor our packaging to suit you. We're excited to bring customisable packaging and other features to our customers. We have lots of great ideas which we want to work into our packaging to offer our customers a completely customiseable and bespoke experience in the future.
  • Are all your sweets and products really vegan?
    Yes they are! We have carefully selected and worked with our wholesale partners to ensure that all our products are strictly 100% vegan. Feel free to check the ingredients list on our products. Please note that some of our products may contain traces of dairy or other ingredients. This is NOT becuase they are made with dairy but because they are often made in the same factories which also makes dairy containing products. For ingredients and allergy information see each individual product.
  • I'm lactose and / or gluten intolerant, can I eat your products?
    Not all of them! We are working on improveing our packaging system to ensure that cross contamination between gluten containing ingredients and others ingredients do not mix. We take our customers health and safety incredibly seriously and so before we are able to state these claims we want to be 100% satisfied we have the correct procedures in place to stop this happening. See ingredients list on individual products for more details. Please note all our products may contain the following in negligible quantities: SESAME, NUTS (PEANUTS), SOYA, MILK / LACTOSE, CELIAC DISEASE / WHEAT, SULPHITES due to manufacturing / packaging methods.
  • Do you do large orders for special events or corporate clients?
    Yes we do. Feel free to contact us via our email to discuss your personal requirements.
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