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You can now subscribe to receive our sweet bags on a weekly or monthly basis. Simple select the subscription option you want on the item and then click subscribe. You will automatically be taken to a checkout page where you can checkout and make payment. So simple!

Please note you can only checkout with 1 subscription at a time. If you want to purchase multiple items of the same subscription simply increase the quantity. If you want to purchase 2 different subscriptions you will need to checkout twice.

Based on the subscription you chose your payment will be made at the exact time of ordering each month / week and your order sent on through to us! Subscription orders take the same length of time as normal orders to fulfil and ship.  

Once subscribed you can cancel at any time. Simply contact us to cancel via the below email.

If you want to change your subscription, you will need to cancel your original subscription and purchase a new one.  

Email us :

Subject : Subscription

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