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COVID-19 Update

Hey friend, if at any time we need to make you aware of any updates or any other notices regarding COVID-19 we will make you aware by posting on this page. Please remember to check this page for any recent updates. 

Shipping Delays  - Updated 29/06/20

We'd like to take this moment to thank all our customers for their support over the past few months. Even though we haven't seen complete return to our normal daily routine we are starting to see changes. 

Our shipping times are decreasing. Royal Mail fulfilment time is reducing with our average delivery time now taking 3-4 working days for Royal Mail 48 and our express postage is now seeing a larger percentage or parcels being delivered within 24hrs. We will continue to advise 2-10 working days for Royal Mail 48 but we do hope to see a return to the normal 2-3 working days delivery time shortly. 

We will continue to ask our customers to please be patient in waiting for your packages as delays still may occur as the postal network tries to catch up and return back to normal.

We have taken the necessary steps to ensure our work environment is safe for our workers to continue working in. As a family business our small team includes our family unit meaning we've been lucky to not have to worry about social distancing as we live with one another. As we welcome outside members of our team back we will of course work to ensure our work environment is safe, that relevant risk assessments have been completed and that we are providing all the adequate resources needed to allow our staff to work in a safe environment in accordance with government guidelines. 

We continue to maintain a high level of hygiene standards, with regular hand washing and PPE being warn in accordance with our risk assessments. 

Are stock levels with suppliers are now returning back to normal and we have re-introduced a number of products back to our store. We will work to continually maintain these stock levels as best as we can but we still expect certain supply chains to be interrupted. 

Thank you for your continued support and we will continue to keep you updated in the future. 

Shipping Delays  - Updated 01/04/20

We are advising all customers to expect some delays to shipping. 

We have been advised by our couriers that due to staff shortages and increased demand on postal networks some delays may occur. Please be patient in waiting for your package.

If you have received a shipping confirmation your order has been shipped and is on its way. 

Updated 18/03/20

As you will be aware we're facing some uncertain times right now. As a small family business we ourselves are concerned about the impact which COVID-19 may have on our small family business and like many of you, how it may impact our own family and day to day lives. 


We are taking the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously ensuring that we're taking every precaution to limit the impact COVID-19 has on our family business, team and customers. We have always been proud on our 5* Food Safety Hygiene and will be sure to constantly work towards maintaining the highest standard of food safety and hygiene within our small family business. 


Currently we have had no instances of symptoms within the OMGIV team, nor within any of our close partners or couriers at DPD and the Royal Mail. 


We have and continue to pay close attention to government advice taken from the below resources:


Corvid-19 Government Guidance -


NHS Advice -


GOV.UK advice for small businesses and employers -


Supply Chain


Please appreciate that there may be impacts to our supply chain. We have been sure to stock-up on products and will continue to maintain stock levels to the best of our ability. We have of course stocked up on Soap, Sanitiser and other cleaning / hygiene products to ensure were always maintaining the highest of hygiene standards. 


Your Orders & Stock


Recently OMGIV has seen a large influx in orders. This is of course fantastic and we're thank full to all our customers who have and continue to support us. We will be working overtime to meet our customer demands however some delays may be expected. There are also outside controls which we have little to no control over i.e. delays with our couriers due to a surge in online shopping or because of staff shortages meaning some packages may face longer postage times. International orders may face long delays due to airport and border closures. 


On a final note...


Thank you for supporting our business and other small businesses around the UK. The following months will be extremely difficult for a large number of small businesses. Please do not forget to support these businesses in any way you can so that once we come out on the other side of this pandemic they will have survived and be allowed to once again flourish and serve their community. 


Thank you again, stay safe and take care of your neighbours, family and friends. Have a sweet day!



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